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Petrotest Instruments GmbH (Германия)

Petrotest Instruments GmbH (Германия)
Petrotest products are used for the quality control of petroleum products including crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, motor fuel, aviation fuel, lubricating oil, grease and bitumen.

There are internationally standardized test methods for all of these products, which for the most part were developed in and around Berlin by scientists such as Engler, Ubbelohde, Martens and Pensky at the end of the 19th century. These processes have, among other things, been integrated into the standards of DIN, ASTM, IP and GOST.

The devices manufactured today meet these standards, but are much easier for the user to operate due to the use of microprocessor technology.

Товары Petrotest Instruments GmbH (Германия) в нашем каталоге:

Щипцы для тиглей
276,64 €
Щипцы для крепления пластин
376,87 €
54,08 €
152,10 €
268,71 €
Штатив с держателем
305,89 €
160,55 €
359,94 €
Шприц, 50мл
92,95 €
Шприц, 2мл
109,85 €
Шприц, 2 мл
127,76 €
Шприц, 1мл, с иглой, 10шт.
863,72 €
Шприц, 1мл, с иглой
211,25 €
Шприц, 10мл
45,63 €
Шприц с изогнутой иглой, 1мл
750,88 €
Шприц для ввода пробы, 10мл
179,14 €
Шприц для ввода пробы, 10мл
52,39 €
89,57 €
Цифровой манометр, модель PA-REID
2 346,24 €
Цифровой манометр РА5-OBA, 0...14bar
3 564,21 €